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  • Who do I contact if I am interested in participating in Chapelle’s Craft Fair and how do I get an application?
    To apply for Chapelle’s Craft Fair, please click on the Vendor tab and proceed to fill out a registration form. An automated email with instructions will be sent back to you. Please contact Director of Community Events, Tanya Dempster '95 at, or by calling 504.467.3105.
  • What items are accepted and allowed to be sold?
    Only handmade items will be accepted. No retail merchandise or multi-level marketing products can be featured in your booth. All items must be authentic and appropriate for a family environment. Homemade canned items such as preserves, jellies, jams, candies, custom cookies/cakes, etc., are allowed.
  • What is your cancellation/refund policy?
    Archbishop Chapelle High School will give no refunds for inclement weather or cancellation of vendor. The vendor bears the risk of losses in such instances. Be prepared for all types of weather including temperature conditions, Chapelle Craft Fairs take place rain or shine.
  • What are the Chapelle Craft Fair rules and regulations?
    1. Only HANDMADE items will be accepted, NO RETAIL MERCHANDISE. Be advised that limitations may be made in popular crafter categories. Homemade canned items such as preserves, jellies, jams, candies, custom cookies/cakes, etc., will be allowed but must first be approved. 2. All Vendors must provide pictures of their work with their application. Please remember all items must be accepted within a family atmosphere. If in doubt, please contact the Director of Community Events. If anything inappropriate is displayed, you will be asked to remove it immediately and will not be allowed in any future shows. 3. Booth(s) location and availability is made on a first come, first serve basis. Once you are given your booth space on the day of Craft Fair, changes cannot be made. Vendors must stay within their allotted space; violators will be moved. 4. Once a booth(s) is registered in your name, that booth(s) may not be transferred or sold to another vendor. ALL Craft Fair inquiries or booth accommodations and modifications must be approved by the Director of Community Events. 5. Upon arrival at the Craft Fair, please come to the Check-In table FIRST. Location of the Check-In table will be relayed to you once the date gets closer. You will ONLY receive booth assignments at Check-In. 6. Once you have completed the check-in process and have unloaded your items in your booth, all vendors must move their vehicles and trailers to the designated parking areas. NO exceptions. Spaces are first come, first serve and please remember that parking spaces are needed for patrons. 7. Archbishop Chapelle High School is not equipped to make change or cash checks for vendors. Each vendor is responsible for bringing enough change to last the entire day. You may take payment in any form you wish, ie., Venmo, PayPal, cash, credit or check. 8. Each vendor is required to donate ONE item from their booth to the Craft Fair Parade of Prizes. Your items are to be turned in by noon on the day of Craft Fair. Drawings for the winners will be happening all day. 9. Archbishop Chapelle Craft Fair benefits Prom Fest and the betterment of Chapelle’s campus. No raffles may be held at any booths or the acceptance of donations. A good must be received if there is an exchange of payment. 10. Archbishop Chapelle High School is a SMOKE FREE campus. NO smoking; including the use of Vaporizers-Cigs, and other Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), will be permitted on the grounds. 11. All displays, signs, wares, etc., must be done in a neat, professional manner. Tables must be covered, and items must be labeled. Vendors are not allowed to hang or tape any items on walls, bleachers, or use structures around campus for their booth displays. 12. When taking orders, customers MUST be given a receipt with your name, address, and telephone number. 13. Vendors are individually responsible for reporting and paying any taxes. In Jefferson Parish, the tax is 4.75%. A representative from Jefferson Parish will visit each booth, provide you with the proper tax form and give you complete instructions for filing. 14. Vendors are to open and close their booth(s) at the scheduled times. This rule WILL be strictly enforced. Any vendor vacating their space before the end of the show will be excluded from future shows. Please be prepared to stay throughout the duration of Craft Fair. 15. NO refunds shall be made for inclement weather or cancellation by the vendor. The vendor shall bear the risk of losses in such instances. For those vendors with booths outside, be prepared for any type of weather, the Craft Fair will go on, rain or shine. 16. Other accommodations, such as electricity is available for a fee of $10, however, availability is limited and must be indicated on your application. If electricity is requested and can be accommodated, please bring your own extension cord for one will not be provided for you. Table and chairs rentals are available for inside booths only and must be indicated on your application. Table rental is $10 each and chair rental is $2 each. RENTALS AND ELECTRICITY CANNOT BE ORDERED THE DAY OF THE CRAFT FAIR BUT WILL BE PAID THE DAY OF CRAFT FAIR. All of these accommodations are due to availability. Vendors are responsible for the damage of these rentals. 17. Archbishop Chapelle campus school gates will open at 6am the morning of the Craft Fair for vendor check-in and booth set-up. Vendors MUST be in their booth and ready to open no later than 8:30am. Hours for Friday night set up are from 5pm until 7:30pm. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS. Outside vendors may set up their booths on Friday night at their own discretion. Gates will be locked, but no overnight security will be provided. 18. Following the Craft Fair, booth breakdown may begin at 4pm. All vendors MUST have their booths broken down and cleaned by 6pm. ALL doors and gates will be locked at 6:30pm. ALL trash must be removed from your booth. This includes zip-tie straps. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please help leave our campus as beautiful as you found it when you arrived. 19. I/We/You, the crafter/exhibitor, hereby acknowledge that neither ARCHBISHOP CHAPELLE HIGH SCHOOL, its officials or directors or any officials connected with this fair, will be responsible for any loss or damages to your work or property, or for any personal injury to yourself or any assigned operator of your booth, during the course of Archbishop Chapelle High School Craft Fair.
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